Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows
Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

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“a myriad of musical faces”

One of the most unique artists ABQ has to offer, local musician and music teacher, Kevin Kinane channels his creativity and genuine love for all things musical into live musical escapades for all ages and offers diverse musical programs that benefit local children and their parents.


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``creativity, rhythm, and a genuine love for sharing music``


Daddy’s One Man Big Band

Big Daddy creates intricate loops and grooves then adds Chapman Stick for a unique One Man World Beat Dance Party. Add funny originals and some blues and you’ve got a combination of Frank Zappa and Tom Waits backed by a combination of The Meters and Fela Kuti!

Slim Belly Blues Band

Psychedelic, original and traditional blues and funk jams. The Belly Of The Beast consists of Kevin Kinane On Chapman Stick, Harmonica and Vocals, Ken Hume on Guitar and Kyle Goon rounds out The Belly on Drums. Slim Belly Blues Band brings a fresh new energy to the ever burgeoning ‘Burque Music Scene!

Dinner With Daddy

The perfect accompaniment for any type of restaurant setting! Kevin plays his unique 12 string Chapman Stick creating a mellow or energetic mood while fascinating your dinner guests.


Be part of the entertainment when RecycleMan brings his Dr. Seuss like RecycleMachine to an event! RecycleMan also goes to schools, libraries, street fairs and private events.


With a collection of just about every percussion instrument in the world, this program gets everyone hitting, scraping, shaking and dancing every time!

Cosmic Static

Reaching for the outer limits of musical possibilities, Cosmic Static incorporates live loops, sequences and other trickery to keep it flowing, keep you guessing and keep it weird!

Carli's Angels: Drummer for a True Original Supergroup

Comprised of five players that have all been locally nominated “best of” at their respective instruments, Carli’s Angels brings a blend of World Beat, Americana and Funk originals, cool covers and lots of improvised dance jams.

Start Making Sense: Percussionist for Talking Heads Tribute Band

A super group made up of local musicians including Tony Orant, Rachel Ross and Chuck Hawley, this ten piece super group keeps the dance floor hopping with their original take on The Music of The Talking Heads.

Saturday Night Fever Blisters

Since 1995, Kevin has put on an annual show compiled of rotating local stars. It’s 1977 for one night of non stop disco, funk improvisation with each member trying to outdo their costume from the previous year!

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Kevin Kinane Marble Brewery

“We have Slim Belly Blues at all of our locations – five piece with horns on The Downtown Stage, solo on The West side or traditional three piece in the heights. Slim Belly always delivers! ..”

Marble Brewery

Albuquerque, NM
Kevin Kinane Mine Shaft Tavern

“The perfect blues trio for our venue – Kevin, Kenny and Kyle have great energy and the song selections really keeps the crowd into it! ..”

Mine Shaft Tavern

Madrid, NM
Kevin Kinane Kids Birthday Party RecycleMan

“I’ve watched Kevin handle two children’s birthday parties with varying formats and man, the guy really maintained a structure for the fun and kept everybody engaged …”

Howie K.

Albuquerque, NM
Kevin Kinane RecycleMan

“I got to experience the magic of RecycleMan first hand at ABQ Summer Fest 2014. Kevin was sitting on a street corner behind an instrument he calls, The RecycleMachine …”

ABQ Summer Fest

Albuquerque, NM
Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

A personal word from Kevin


Back in 1990 I realized that I can’t waste my time working for a company and still try to pursue a career in music. So I studied and kept learning new instruments and found a way to immerse myself in music and still eek out a living. Forming my own bands, teaching, playing in five bands on different instruments, taking pickup gigs and generally making myself available (without missing any gigs) is how I’ve spent more than half of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Kevin Kinane,

Musician & Teacher
Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

Live Music Shows

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