Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows
Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows
Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

Kevin Kinane on Chapman Stick

“any restaurant setting”

The perfect accompaniment for any type of restaurant setting! Kevin plays his unique 12 string Chapman Stick creating a mellow or energetic mood while fascinating your dinner guests.

People come back when Kevin is doing his musical magic, and they come back with family and friends to see this amazing instrument being played in a vast array of musical genres. The volume of music is never too loud, as the music will match the unique restaurant setting creating the perfect ambience.

Kevin understands that the overall atmosphere of the dining area is crucial for restaurants and he can cater to different types of diners with different types of music.

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Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

A personal word from Kevin


Back in 1990 I realized that I can’t waste my time working for a company and still try to pursue a career in music. So I studied and kept learning new instruments and found a way to immerse myself in music and still eek out a living. Forming my own bands, teaching, playing in five bands on different instruments, taking pickup gigs and generally making myself available (without missing any gigs) is how I’ve spent more than half of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Kevin Kinane,

Musician & Teacher
Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

Live Music Shows

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