Kevin Kinane Canteen Brewhouse

``Appreciate You Guys``

We really appreciate you guys and look forward to your return. You brought so many people and they stayed right up until you ended. Great job!

Canteen Brewhouse

Albuquerque, NM
Kevin Kinane Canteen Brewhouse

``Love Your Music``

We love your music and you had a great crowd and kept them here! Looking forward to next time.

Canteen Brewhouse

Albuquerque, NM
Kevin Kinane Albuquerque Distilling

``Were Especially Happy``

I was in the distillery and didn’t get to hear you but that large table of regulars were raving about your unique show and music selection. They were especially happy that they could talk and enjoy themselves all night with the music at a perfect volume.

Albuquerque Distilling

Albuquerque, NM
Kevin Kinane Marble Brewery

``Slim Belly Always Delivers!``

We have Slim Belly Blues at all of our locations – five piece with horns on The Downtown Stage, solo on The West side or traditional three piece in the heights. Slim Belly always delivers!

Marble Brewery

Albuquerque, NM
Kevin Kinane Mine Shaft Tavern

``Perfect Blues Trio``

The perfect blues trio for our venue – Kevin, Kenny and Kyle have great energy and the song selections really keeps the crowd into it!

Mine Shaft Tavern

Madrid, NM
Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

``Fun & Engaging``

His name is Kevin Kinane, but the kids call him Recycle Man. Why? Well, he’s one of Those People. One of those rare people who’ve figured it out, found their groove in this existence, and want to share it. Kevin likes percussion, he likes rhythm, and he takes exceptional joy in sharing his beats with kiddos. And he should be your band at your next kiddo birthday jam. That is, if you prefer substance over… inflatable jumpers.

Reclaiming is only half his gig, but here’s why he’s Recycle Man. Over the years, Kevin has assembled a swath of objects, from pots and pans to wands and sticks and twangy strings, and he’ll bring a mobile bang unit of this stuff to your event, and emphasize — while he’s teaching his audience to harmonize — that he found all of this in the flotsam of the discarded world. Anybody recall Spoonman, by Soundgarden? That song was based on a real dude, in Seattle, who plays spoons. Recycle Man has spoons, too, and quite a few other tricks up his sleeve. Someone should give him a theme song.

Kevin also brings a huge cache of drums to his events and gets everyone, young and old, involved. He’s a teacher and, moreover, something of a mentor. I’ve watched him handle two birthday parties with varying formats and man, the guy really maintained a structure for the fun and kept everybody engaged. Look, you could host your party at some crappy video game & pizza joint, you know what that costs. Or you could pick your favorite park, and bring a cake, and let Recycle Man run the show, at about half the cost. And your kids will be drumming on your pans and coffee pots and bathroom tiles and whatever else they can reclaim for a groove, for evermore.

Howie K.

Albuquerque, NM
Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

``The RecycleMachine``

I got to experience the magic of Recycle-Man first hand at ABQ Summer Fest 2014. Kevin was sitting on a street corner behind an instrument he calls “The RecycleMachine”. He was surrounded by children as the sounds of kitchen based percussion filled the air. It is quiet the sight to see as Recycle Man invites kids of all ages to grab a spoon and join in, so I did. Armed with a tea spoon in my right hand and a plastic ice tray in my left, we made rhythmic sounds with 12 others that could not resist the need to become part of Kevin Kinanes band.

The sounds that we made were random and loud. Everyone in the group was doing something different. From using a 5 gallon plastic paint bucket as a bongo to rubbing a fat pencil on the side of a tin can with ridges and some of us even joining Recycle-Man himself on “The RecycleMachine”. As he started to work his Magic by coaxing the rhythms to join with a beat of his own we started to sound like an African drum line let lose in a metal recycling canter. WOW! We sounded decent. And the more we played the better it sounded. If you ever get the chance to join Kevin in His Musical antics, do it. You might find that you are a great entertainer if only for a moment.

The RecycleMachine

The RecycleMachine is a makeshift Instrument held together with wires, tape and a few random bolts. It is made up of discarded springs, rims, buckets and metal lids of all sorts. Kevin sits on a tattered stool with a Culligan water bottle on his lap as he kicks out a base line on a paint bucket.


Rio Rancho, NM
Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

``One Man Big Band``

Daddy Long Loin
The “One Man Big Band” who’s Definitely Not A Gimmick

Kevin Kinane (aka Daddy Long Loin) spends his days playing and teaching music to kids at the Children’s Psychiatric Center and working with youngsters at various schools around the city. By night, the Daddy’s one-man performance comes complete with drums, harmonica, keyboard, live sampling and a bass/guitar combo instrument known as the Chapman Stick. The Frank Zappa- and Primus-inspired musician has released several albums with exclusively loin-oriented titles (such as Wrong Place, Loin Time), and his live performances, as he says, must be seen to be believed.
Tell me about the name Daddy Long Loin?

It came from when I used to play with the rock band The Withdrawals. I don’t really know where it came from. It doesn’t really mean anything. One paper I did an interview with never mentioned my name because they thought it was some kind of sexual thing; but your loin is just the inside of your thigh.

Where did you get the idea to perform as a one-man band?

I’ve been a drummer my whole life and then, gradually, I started playing harmonica and piano. I had seen the Chapman Stick several years ago and that was really what made me want to do the whole musical thing by myself. It took about six years to get really efficient and fluent and to get used to playing drums exclusively with my feet.

What’s it like to make a living working with kids?

It’s the greatest thing in the world. Today, for example, I was a little bit down and I thought I might be coming down with something. Then I start working with the kids [at the psychiatric hospital] and it’s such a rush that I forget about being sick. Being able to do this is just absolutely phenomenal. It’s a real blessing.

I don’t have any empirical evidence to support this, but it seems like one-man bands tend to be heckled at a higher rate than other ensembles. Has that ever happened to you?

Yeah. It doesn’t happen that often; but when it does it really hurts. I think it’s a numbers game, too. A band with four guys in it are all going to back each other up. If you’re drunk and you just see a skinny guy in a zoot suit, you might just think, “Yeah, I can razz this guy.”

Are there any similarities between Daddy Long Loin and Kevin Kinane?

Well, they’re both dashingly handsome. I’ve always been a goofball and I love making people laugh. We’re both trying to make people laugh and to spread some fun. I do really like to get into character, though. In fact, I’m in my zoot suit right now (laughs). Just kidding.

(Or is he?)

Simon McCormack

Weekly Alibi
Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

``Love Me Tender Loin``

Daddy Long Loin—or Kevin Kinane, if you want to talk day jobs—is used to being by himself. Not socially, but categorically. He’s the only local musician I know of who brings a 12-string Chapman Stick (a bass/guitar hybrid that somehow looks Thai to me) to all of his shows. He’s just one guy, decked out in colors so bright he needs to wear shades, shuffling in harmonica, keys, foot-powered drums, loops and samples, and that arresting Chapman, like a many-armed Vishnu– Zappa incarnate.

He’ll stand alone in one other regard after this weekend. Daddy Long Loin’s new album, Love Me Tender Loin , is coming out, and it’s wrapped in the most delightful CD packaging ever printed in New Mexico. Easily. The original design by folk artist Steve White has Kinane’s alter ego piloting a truckload of original tunes and lusty, loin-inflected humor. Love Me Tender Loin is an ofrenda to New Mexico’s pie-in-the-sky creative weirdness, delivered aurally and visually by two of its best ambassadors.

The new discs are dropping Friday, May 23, at The Verb(3400 Constitution NE, just west of Carlisle) from 9 p.m. to midnight. Kinane even cleared some space for a drum jam at 11 p.m. (A lifelong drummer, he makes monumental rhythmic contraptions out of found objects and junk. Imagine what his drum jams are like. ) There might even be snacks! For more on Daddy Long Loin and Kinane’s numerous projects, visit his website:

Laura Marrich

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Kevin Kinane Live Music Shows

``A Renaissance Man``

Local musician and teacher Kevin Kinane is a Renaissance Man is the truest sense. He’s played drums with some of the biggest bands in town, performed as a multi-instrumentalist with countless other local bands and as a solo artist. His musical endeavors, from his stint with the relatively straightforward rock ensemble, The Withdrawals, to his alter-egos Daddy Long Loin and Recycle-Man, have always been cutting-edge in Kinane’s own way. But he’s also found a way to channel his creativity and genuine love for all things musical into programs that benefit local children.

He has taught music at the Children’s Psychiatric Center, East San Jose Elementary School, and New Mexico Jazz Workshop’s Summer Jazz Camp, and organized the giant drum jams that are part of many annual Summerfest events on Civic Plaza.

Through association with the Corrales Arts Council, Kinane also makes appearances at various middle and high schools throughout Albuquerque. He’s a rare example of pure altruism who deserves your support. Enjoy one of the most unique artists Burque has to offer.

Michael Henningsen

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